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Description :

Our granular sodium bisulfate pool pH reducer is safer to use, safer to store and less corrosive than the common alternative.
• Sodium bisulfate pH reducer is safer, easier and less corrosive than muriatic acid.
• PH reducer should be added to your pool whenever the pH level rises above 7.6 ppm.
• Corrects water conditions so other chemicals can work effectively.
• Corrects water conditions to prevent irritation as well as pool and equipment damage.
• Initial dosage of pool pH reducer = 15-30 ounces per 10,000 gallons.
• 10 lbs. of pH reducer = 1 gallon of muriatic acid.
• Available in several different quantities.
• Easy to store and easy to use.
• In granular form.
• Economically and competitively priced – an excellent value.

Maintaining proper swimming pool water chemical balance is very important. The Water’s pH level is one such important element to maintaining a pool. High pH levels cause staining and cloudy water. In the event that your pool pH level is too high, simply use pH reducer to lower it back to an ideal range. One of the most important factors when it comes to balanced pool water is the water’s pH level. While low pH levels can cause metal corrosion, chlorine loss and irritation to swimmers, high pH levels can cause staining, cloudy water and problems with your filtration system.

However, when your pool’s pH level rises above 7.6 ppm, you can quickly and easily bring it back down into the ideal range by adding pH reducer. Swimming pool pH reducer consists of granular sodium bisulfate and will safely and easily lower your swimming pool’s pH level, correcting water conditions and providing the ideal environment for other pool chemicals to work properly.