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Health and Safety Security Introduction

In our every day life, chemicals have been helping us improve the quality of our lives. We may not even notice them, but truth is they can be found everywhere, involved in our daily activities. Imagine life without these chemicals, we would use leaves and husks in brushing our teeth. We would use coconut gels for our shampoo. We would use sticks and stones to maintain fire for cooking our meals. Without chemicals, we could have wasted a lot of our time and effort. Without chemicals, we could have been trapped in an unprogressive world.As chemicals are advantage to us, it can be equally or more of disadvantage to us if it is not managed properly. Here in Chemisol Incorporated, we make sure that chemicals are used, handled, contained, and managed properly. We guaranty that chemicals will be an advantage for everyone–will be an advantage for you. The department of Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) of Chemisol incorporated was established for this very reason.

Health and Safety

From day 1 of the establishment of Chemisol, it has been the main concern of the company. We make sure that everyone who will be handling chemicals shall be fully aware of its nature and characteristics. We make sure that Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available and read by everyone. Engineering and Administrative control measures make sure exposures to chemicals are minimized. Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) are made available for everyone who makes contact with these chemicals. Seminars and health teachings are also rendered to our team and customers as requested.


As good stewards of this chemicals to our potential customers, we make sure security of our products is at its best. As we know that security can affect the quality of our products, from the time it is shipped and stored in our warehouse until it is delivered to you for your use, we monitor and make sure that the you get the same quality as we have received it from shipment. We make sure that our customers get what is theirs up to the last drop. We monitor our deliveries thru communication lines and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) attached to our delivery truck.


Here is Chemisol Incorporated, we care for environment. Knowing that nature is one of the riches our God has entrusted to us and what the effects of chemicals in nature, we make sure that we maximize the use of our chemicals. We secure our chemical wastes and put them under treatment.

We believe that your health and safety, security and environment are riches that can never be replaced by money, that’s why we give value to them.

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