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Addressing Safety Issues With Customers

Solvents are ever present in our lives. They have improved the quality of our lives with products such as paints, cosmetics and household chemicals.

However, due to the hazardous nature of these chemicals, suppliers of petrochemicals and solvents are concerned about Product Safety and how to communicate safety concerns to their clients.

Here at Chemisol, we value communication with our clients regarding safety concerns. Here are some ways we implement safety:


We maintain an open communication with our clients in case they have issues they want to address.

Providing Information
We provide information including Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which contains Supplier Information, Product Information, Proper Handling of Chemicals and First Aid Measures.

Provide Safety Checklists
In addition, for Delivery and Loading of Product, we provide Delivery Checklist to ensure that proper operation procedures are being followed.

Provide Training Seminars
At times, our clients ask our safety officer to conduct training on product handling and storage.

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